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A Quiet getaway in the Ozark Hills

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9300 Highway 119

  Salem, MO 65560

573-548-2222 Ph      573-548-2209 Fax

Where you can find the best prices.

                                                    WE HAVE THE LARGEST AND BEST STOCKED FLY SHOP IN THE MONTAUK AREA 


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      We hope that you are having a great spring and we look forward to seeing everyone again this summer. You can spend your next vacation in the quiet peaceful shade of the oak and pine trees that shade much of  the property, or enjoy our outdoor pool. We are located inside Montauk State Park where you can catch trout in the clear water of Current River. 

Check our links for information on reservations and rates. We offer a less expensive vacation at a great price with enjoyment with out a lot of costly fuel.

At Reed's Cabins you'll find 18 cabins fully equipped with kitchens as well as individually controlled air conditioning and heat. Our guests enjoy access to our exclusive outdoor pool. There is a pavilion  complete with grills and tables for our guests to enjoy. The area offers a great place for group events such as family reunions, business retreats, class reunions.

The Store offers a variety of supplies such as tackle, grocery items, Beer, we have a new deli with home made sandwiches and such,  Hunt Bros. Pizza,  ice, firewood, propane, and an assortment of non food items such as camping supplies, rain gear, Cookware, and batteries.   

For those who love to camp and don't want the problems or expenses of hauling their trailer back and forth.  We have onsite storage available for trailers at a reasonable flat rate per year or monthly.

BRING YOUR 3-lb AND UP TROUT TO THE STORE AND IT WILL BE PHOTOGRAPHED AND PLACED ON OUR ONLINE LUNKER BOARD, ALONG WITH YOUR NAME, DATE CAUGHT, AND BAIT USED. Even if you do not have a Lunker we will gladly take a picture of you and your fish and place it in our online photo gallery.

We go the extra step to see that you enjoy your stay with us and leave happy to return again.


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